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Ring size: 7 US

This delicious ring is definitely suited for a party-themed individual. These are handsome glossy stones with the intriguing matrix are not up for debate as the stone stands on its own, and the tapestry carved into the ring's strucal base is an allure all its own. The Norse composition Lokasenna is a flyting match (verbal battle) between the Æsir Gods and Loki, during a feast given by the sea God named Ægir (aka Gymir). Thor is generally absent during the feast but arrives later and immediately warns Loki to be silent or else Thor intends to hammer Loki’s head off his shoulders. Loki now shifts the focus of his abuse on the God of thunder questioning Thor’s anger and taunting him, saying that Thor will not be so bold to fight against the wolf when he swallows Odin (leader of Gods and Thor’s father) at Ragnarök (end of time)

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: Zircon

Item Weight: 10 g

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