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Metal Color: Silver
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm- 27.5inches

The stainless steel arrowhead's design is one of greed and rapacity. The Norse lettering is aggressively branded into the center of the design of the arrowhead which, given the subject of Vikings, seems both appropriate and intentional given that leaders of these people tend to be a little violent to command respect and quell doubts. The Vanir suspected that they had been tricked and that they had gotten the worse part of the bargain in the exchange of leaders. For revenge, they hacked off the head of Mímir and sent it by messenger back to Óðin and the Æsir.

Óðin cradled the head, smearing it with herbs and chanting magical charms over it. The head was preserved from decay and given the power of speech so that Mímir could always share his wisdom with Óðin. Freyja taught Óðin the magic called seiðr, which carried great power. He could learn men's fates, see the future, bring death and misery, or transfer intellect and strength from one man to another. But this magic was so unseemly and effeminate that it was thought shameful for men to have anything to do with it.


Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

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