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Ring size: 5 US

This striking blue color on this sterling silver piece is one of a calm mind and cooler heads prevailing throughout the day. The ring's border has varying degrees of silver accent designs in line with the charming nature of the band of this particular ring. One night, when Thor was snoring (and that was pretty noisy, I can tell you), a giant tip-toed by his bed and stole Mjolnir. In the morning, Thor discovered the lack of his hammer.

Oh my... how his tantrum shook the ground and quivered the treetops. The sun ran scared and hid behind the horizon. The clouds blackened, whizzed around the sky, smashed into one another, and turned into the hard cold rain. The human priests called out: “People, hide! The sky is falling down!”

Thor, when at last he grew weary of rage, vowed to get back his hammer. The task called for brains, which he did not have in quite such quantity as brawn. Now Loki, he was a different kind of god. His wits were as quick as a flame. He had as many tricks as fire has sparked. He came to Thor’s aid in a flash.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling


Item Weight: 10 g

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