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Forged in Valhalla


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24 Pieces Stainless steel beads. You can use these beads from making anything from bracelets necklaces. You can put them on your hair or beard! The Beads also have the Runic alphabets which are known to have powerful protection charms giving victory and protection to you.

Each rune meant a particular letter, as well as covered a special meaning (the word “rune” means ‘secret’). Each Norse rune, as well as any letter, denoted a particular phonetic sound. The difference was each rune had also a special, unique meaning.

Runes had also magical meaning and Vikings believed they could bring happiness, joy, wealth, love, power, strength and even death. They wore them and used to decorate their jewelry (rings, protective amulets, necklaces, and even armor). This was so, as they believed in runes meaning. There were no gods, only the runes that could (as they believed) change their lives. The runes were considered the most potent armors able to bring happiness, success, victory or curse into their lives. Rune casting or “casting rune sticks” was the other way of using runes.


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Outer Diameter: 10mm
Item Weight: 80gram
metal: 100% stainless steel(not just plated)all made by stainless steel
Size: 13*10mm
Hole: 6mm