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Every Viking worth his salt has a backup weapon for those unforeseen use case scenarios. This Stainless steel Knife can get you closer to living out your camping dream and make those survival weekends easier to have.

The great majority of surviving Norse literature comes from Iceland, so we should not be too surprised to find it has a pro-Icelandic slant. Since most Icelanders were from Norway and the various Viking ports in Ireland, Scotland, etcetera, these places are also portrayed favorably. Meanwhile, many mentions of Sweden and the Baltic are negatively charged, sometimes even described as “Mirkwood” and a dark land of dragons, dwarves, giants, and savage men. Many of the villains in the sagas are Swedish Vikings. It is important to remember that the Vikings settled in numerous regions and adapted to conditions there. So, while Viking Age Iceland may be a model Norse culture, it is not the only version of Norse culture.

Weight: 320G

Type: Axe Head

Overall Length: 27CM

Handle Material: Steel

Axe Head Material: Stainless steel

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