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This Stainless steel axes comes standard with a fiberglass handle. Whether your logging for trees or just adding it as part of an established Viking exercise regimen, this is precisely what you're looking for! But Odin only becomes more aggressive, and soon they are into a flyting match (verbal abusive battle) where Odin calls Thor a poor peasant without pants and refuses to ferry him. He goes on further to accuse Sif (Thor’s wife) of infidelity and calling Thor a cuckold. All the while, Harbard compliments his own sexual prowess, bravery and magic, while questioning Thor’s own worth, finally asking Thor to “go where the fiends will get you.” Thor is seen on weaker ground in the contest, he appears shocked and is unable to oppose with witty retorts, but he nonetheless calls Harbard variously a peasant, a pervert, and a man-ling, ending with “I’ll reward you for refusing to ferry me, if we ever meet again.”

Weight: 532G

Type: Axe Head

Overall Length: 39CM/15inches

Handle Material: Fiberglass

Axe Head Material: Stainless steel

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