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This arm cuff clad in black and a smattering of shine is a symbol to let the opposing army the fearlessness of the Viking they are about to encounter. Veteran Norsemen only interested in Glory Or Death wear this proudly as if to taunt the enemy and welcome death all at the same time. To these Vikings their life was an affliction only cured through a glorious end in battle and being scouted by the Valkyries for Odin.


When Vikings died they believed they would go to Valhalla, where they would spend their afterlife. Before Christianity, Valhalla was the Viking eternal paradise, like Heaven. Valkyries were warrior-women goddesses who searched battlefields for dead heroes. Vikings would be buried with everything that they would need to have in the next world. The richest would be buried with ships that were filled with clothes, weapons, furniture, horses, dogs, and even servants. The ships were then covered with earth in funeral mounds, or burnt in a funeral pyre. Vikings were also buried with treasure, known as grave goods.


Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

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