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This resin craft has artwork of a Norse god wielding a hammer commanding the sheep to assist them in traversing the lands before them with ordinate design with hilt groves interlacing like a woven band.

Viking craftspersons used many different materials like textiles, metal (wrought iron, steel and precious metal), wood, bone and horn, leather, glass and pottery. They were skilful and had great knowledge when it came to the best way of working up their raw material. Their craft was the result of ancient learning and traditions. 

A typical element of craftsmanship was the ability to transform finished products acquired from foreign countries. Such objects originally had a certain function but assumed a different significance in Viking Age culture. Craft, especially metal craft, had a mythological significance, the Aesir/gods forged metal. Forging in this context means creating or making. The gods were regarded as craftspersons in one sense or another and refinement of metal as a way of changing the world was created by the gods. For this reason, craftspersons also had to master the rituals that controlled certain forces in the world.

Material: Resin

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