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Let everyone know what you are with the Viking pendant. Made to look like it was carved into a log and had a one-over done to brand the words into the stainless steel foundation. 

The range of behaviors in Norse society ran the gamut from drengskapr to níðr. The first is usually translated as "honor" and the second as "shame".

At one extreme, the state of drengskapr was admired, and the actions of a drengr would be emulated and praised.

At the other extreme, the state of níðr was despised, and the actions of a níðingr would be avoided and reviled.

Snorri Sturluson wrote, "Valiant men who exert a good influence are called drengr." A drengr possessed bravery, nobility, magnanimity, a sense of fair play, respect for others, the strength to do what is right, and a sense of personal honor. Physical bravery was taken for granted. More important was self-control. A drengr showed equanimity in the face of danger, not because of insensitivity or stupidity, but because the danger and the possible risk to life and limb was unimportant compared to the need to maintain self-respect and the respect of the community. There was a practical side to such imperturbability, because not only was it unmanly to show concern or fear in the face of danger, but also useless.


Metals Type: Stainless steel

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