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Metal Color: Silver
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Length: 50cm

The symbol of slain warriors is engraved on this pendant, Valknut. Mixed with the runic alphabet. Comes in Mixed gold and silver or Just Silver. This beautiful pendant is made with stainless steel rust-free! Comes with a Viking wooden Box!


Undoubtedly, Valknut (also known as Odin’s knot) is one of the most famous and well-known Viking symbols. The word “valknut” consists of two words “valr” that means “slain warrior” and “knut,” meaning “knot.” Due to the Norse faith, in Valhalla, the god of war and death – Odin would welcome the warriors slain/killed in battle. Many animals’ figures that were associated with Odin, as well as Odin himself, were found in many Viking tombs with the Valknut drawn or placed next to them. These are the two main reasons why Valknut is considered an Odin symbol. The nine corners of three triangles that form the Valknut symbol also mean nine worlds of Norse mythology and life cycle through pregnancy and motherhood.

Each rune meant a particular letter, as well as covered a special meaning (the word “rune” means ‘secret’). Each Norse rune, as well as any letter, denoted particular phonetic sound. The difference was each rune had also special, unique meaning.

Runes had also magical meaning and Vikings believed they could bring happiness, joy, wealth, love, power, strength and even death. They wore them and used to decorate their jewelry (rings, protective amulets, necklaces, and even armor). This was so, as they believed in runes meaning. There were no gods, only the runes that could (as they believed) change their lives. The runes were considered the most potent armors able to bring happiness, success, victory or curse into their lives. Rune casting or “casting rune sticks” was the other way of using runes. To make it easier to understand, it is the process of divination. It is not a secret that during the Viking age rune stones were used as divination tools not to predict the future, but to help people to make life-altering decisions. They usually come in a set of 24 stones with ancient letters – runes – covered onto them.

 Material: Stainless Steel 
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