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Metal Color: cotton bracelet
Main Stone Color: with box
Length: 60cm

A casual and comfortable cloth bracelet with Slavic Kolowrat engraved axe head as its centerpiece. Axes were popular weapons of choice in Slavic culture, that later on transformed into the traditional Slavic poleaxes, bardiches. This bracelet can slightly stretch to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes, and is easily secured on the wrist with a cloth clasp locking onto the axe head.

Kolowrat, The Spinning Wheel, is an early Slavic symbol of the sun and the sun deity Dazbog. Kolowrat was overwhelmingly used as a charm for good luck and happiness, as the sun and Dazbog were praised for bringing joy, strength, and protection from evil into everyday life. For many warriors and sages this was also a symbol of eternal life, representing the cyclical nature of life, how after every dawn there is a sunrise, and how after every death there is a new life. 

Product Size: Variable, 9.05" (23cm) Total Length, 7.09" (18cm) circumference when clasped
Material: Cloth Fabric, Zinc Alloy 
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