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Metal Color: silver
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm

This stainless steel axe necklace is of a variant type of axe used for scalping as needed to for proof to bring back to the higher ups as a sign of a bounty or threat removed.

In the beginning, there were only two realms: Niflheimr (Niflheim), the realm of mist and ice, and Múspellsheimr (Muspelheim), the realm of fire. Between them was Ginnungagap, or the void. Where the heat and cold from these two realms met, steam was created, which collected in Ginnungagap and eventually created Ymir, the first jötun, and Audhumla, the first cow.

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

Item Type: Necklaces

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