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Runic Viking axe that has the Vegvisir. This pendant is made out of stainless steel and comes with a free Viking gift box. 

Viking Axe

Symbol of strength, bravery

The Viking Axe was used on fields of battle by Viking warriors. The axe was shaped differently than axes in use today. The Vikings preferred their axes to be easy to make and use. The more axes they had the more weapons they had to fight with. The Viking axe had a single cutting edge. The bottom of the blade could be hooked shaped which helped grip in battle. The axe represents strength and bravery.

According to Norse mythology, Vikings believed that the runes have powers and enchantments to help them through their life. Runes can bring Victory and Protection for warriors, and Vikings use this to carved them into their helms and weapons.

The Vegvisir means “That Which Shows the Way.”  It is an Icelandic magical stave, similar in shape to the Helm of Awe, but while each of the arms of the helm is the same, the arms of the Vegvisir are all different. The Icelandic symbol was a visual spell of protection against getting lost (particularly at sea) – something that would have been very, very important to the Vikings.

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