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Length: 50cm

The Pendant shows the world serpent carved into stainless steel with Viking runes on it. Comes with a Viking wooden Box!

Runes had also magical meaning and Vikings believed they could bring happiness, joy, wealth, love, power, strength and even death. They wore them and used to decorate their jewelry (rings, protective amulets, necklaces, and even armor). This was so, as they believed in runes meaning. There were no gods, only the runes that could (as they believed) change their lives. 


Fenrir is the great wolf in Norse Mythology who breaks free from his chains at Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods, kills Odin, and is then killed by Odin's son Vidarr. Fenrir is the son of the trickster god Loki and brother of the World Serpent Jormungandr and the jotunn Hel


Material: Stainless Steel 
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