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Beautiful craftsmanship, made with stainless steel, Polished ring. It has a Lion with a red jewel sticking out of its mount. Vikings in high positions stole many types of treasure, and the one they believe holds the most value they wore! It comes in many sizes.

The popular image of Vikings is that of merciless, mindless pillagers. But actually, as Vikings explored and spread they became traders. They'd either hijack existing trading outposts or build their own from scratch. They were vividly aware of the advantages of wealth accumulation. Not only did it provide more good stuff for Vikings to enjoy, but it cemented their power as an occupying force.

And that reputation was very valuable to Viking leaders. It's one thing to loot a town and carry off its wealth, creating a reputation of savagery. It's quite another to be treated as a force to be reckoned with, on the same plane as European princes and kings. Vikings discovered rather quickly that they gained more wealth by demanding tribute and operating trading posts than they did by ransacking churches. Not only did they accumulate more wealth over a longer period of time, but it made them players in the game.

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Material: Stainless Steel 
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