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Length: 50cm

Hammered and crafted Raven skull made out of stainless steel. The ravens are seen a lot in Norse mythology and hold high value because they are associated with Odin. This pendant comes in two sizes and comes with a free Viking gift box!

Symbol of wisdom, carnage 


Odin had twin ravens named Hugin and Munin. Well before the Vikings, there were depictions of Odin with his ravens on brooches, amulets, and helmets. If someone saw a raven after making a sacrifice to Odin it meant that their sacrifice was acceptable. Ravens were often seen near battlefields. They are carriers who feed on the flesh of the dead. Because dead warriors were taken to Valhalla the association between Ravens and Odin was created.

Odin’s ravens were also thought to be sent into the world to gather information and wisdom for Odin. They would return at night and whisper what they had learned into Odin’s ears. They will also attend Odin in battle and inform him of his enemy’s plans.


Material: Stainless Steel 
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