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Metal Color: style 1
Ships From: United States
Diameter: 63-50mm

This Norse bangle has runes of the ancient Nordic text inscribed upon it. With thors hammer etched into its center this makes for a classy and stylish stainless steel bracelet. Ragnarök is the end of the world when the gods and the heroes of Valhalla fight against the forces of chaos, and the Nine Realms are destroyed by fire and flood. A little-known detail of the final battle concerns the ship Naglfar which will carry the army of the dead, provided by Hel, to the battlefield to face the gods. Naglfar is made entirely from the unclipped fingernails (and possibly toenails) of the dead. The ship will not be able to sail until it is completed and can only be completed by harvesting the nails of the dead. This aspect of the story encouraged careful personal hygiene – which the Vikings were famous for, contrary to their popular depiction as dirty or unkempt – in that one would keep one’s nails short and well-cared for to stave off the completion of Naglfar and so the arrival of the end of days.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

Length of Bangle: about 16.5-17cm

Bangle inside diameter size:63*50mm

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