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This carefully made Resin statue depicts the then Norse sailing looking for future targets while simultaneously keeping on the lookout from other sources of disturbance or intrigue.

The Norwegian Gulating law From the 1100 - the 1200s is the most in-depth text about organization and hierarchy on board the longships in the Viking Age. It includes several passages about the building process, manning the fleet, rules for the skipper, steersman, and cook and war equipment. The most simple ”instrument” for finding the way is actually just an artificial helping hand in navigating according to views: the navigation mark. These could be trees, burial tombs, mountains, rivers, lakes, settlements etc. The seaman would notice the changing shapes of the landscape and especially the highest point.
A good aid to remembering landscape descriptions was provided by place names, which precisely – and often using pictorial language – describe islands, hills and woods; consider for example the island of Hjelm (helmet) in the Kattegat.

Metals Type: Resin
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