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A beautifully decorated blade adorned with runic stylings and made in stainless steel with wooden accents.

Places were found for the four travelers. They were given food and drink and bedding for the night.

The next morning, the four were the first to wake. As they made ready to depart past the sleeping giants, Útgarða-Loki intercepted them, showing them every courtesy. He gave them food and drink, and then escorted them through the gates and into the meadow outside the stronghold. Útgarða-Loki said, "This is where I must leave you. How do you feel things turned out? Have you met anyone more powerful than I?" Þór replied, "I've come off second best. You've put me to shame. I have never suffered greater loss of face. It irks me to know that you will say to all that I am a person of little accord."

Material: Stainless steel

Item Type: Knife

About 20CM

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