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Metal Color: Gold Chain
Length: 60CM

This stainless steel piece hosts the Valknut symbol proudly with common smaller depicted variations of it scattered in a mirrorlike fashion on both ends of this anchor pendant. The daughter of Loki, Hel presided over the Norse underworld, a place where all those Vikings who didn’t die in battle went. Half of her body was flesh and blood, the other half was just bones. Her decaying features befitted a goddess who ruled over the land of the dead, judging and deciding the fate of the souls who entered her realm. It was said that within the underworld she was more powerful than Odin himself, a belief that was reinforced when she held the final say on what happened to Balder’s soul after he was slain.

length: 600mm

Shape\pattern: ANCHOR

Pendant Size: 42*41mm/As Picture

Necklace Type: Sweater Chain

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

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