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Metal Color: 3mm Wide
Main Stone Color: Black Color
Ships From|Length: United States|18cm(7inch)

These Cuban link like chains are stainless steel and made in a variety of artist representations. Grab that one that calls to you from low down to high class, there's one that will suit your needs. During the first war, the Vanir had reduced the walls of Ásgarð to rubble. After the gods had established the nine worlds, a master builder came to them in Ásgarð. He offered to build a fortification around Ásgarð that would be secure against the giants, even if they should come from the direction of Miðgarð. The builder promised to complete the job in three seasons, and as payment, he asked for Freyja to be his bride, and to receive the sun and the moon. The gods assembled in council and came up with a counteroffer. They proposed that the builder would receive his payment only if he completed the job in one season and did so without assistance from any man. The builder's payment would be forfeit if the job were not completed on the first day of summer. The builder agreed to the offer if he could use his stallion, Svaðilfari, to help him on the job. Loki convinced the gods to accept this offer to make their world safe from attacks by giants. Oaths were made and witnesses invoked to bind the agreement.

Bracelets Type: Chain & Link Bracelets

Bracelet length: 7-11INCH

Bracelet chain width: 3/5/7/9/11 mm

Base metal: Stainless Steel

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