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Metal Color: Steel color
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm- 27.5inches

A unique imposing stainless steel necklace or Bracelet inspired by the world serpent Jormungandr that by legends encircles the world. This necklace is available in several sizes and styles and is easily secured on the neck with a unique design bite clasp.

In Norse mythology, Jormungandr is the enormous world serpent which by the legends was tossed into the ocean by Odin himself. Finding safety and a plethora of food in the ocean’s waters, Jormungandr has grown so big that he managed to coil around the land and grasp its own tail with its jaws. The power and might of this serpent has no equal, and once he was recognized as a danger to all being Thor himself went to battle the beast only to find the task impossible. This serpent biting his own tail is another iconography of the cycle of eternity, and once Jormungandr releases its tail the eternity shall end and the end of all worlds, Ragnarok, shall begin.

Material: Stainless Steel 
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