Double Collection Dragon Ring- Stainless Steel

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Ring Size: 10
Main Stone Color: 12
Ships From: United States

This Dragon ring with various colors streaked with artistic strokes resembling Nordic dragons.


Dragons are linked to Norse mythology from ancient times that was later narrated as part of Scandinavian folk tales. 

These dragons were mentioned in many legends, poems, and sagas.

The word ‘drakon' means "great dragon" in the Old Norse language. During prehistoric eras, the 'human' warriors considered these creatures equivalent to the gods. There are three mythological dragons types: the Old Ones, the New Ones, and the Dragons of Legend. The Old Ones existed in the distant past before creating the world, often representing ancient dragon myths and legends with their ferocious characteristics. The New Ones were born during the early days of the world's creation. Thus, with different characteristics and traits, all of them shared a common feature: the gods created them!

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

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