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Metal Color: Camouflage Green
Length: 23cm

This band consists of two braided laces around some metals illustrating a Viking style of weaving art creating some interesting choices to go with outfits.


Decorated metalwork of an everyday nature is frequently recovered from Viking period graves, on account of the widespread practice of making burials accompanied by grave goods. The deceased were dressed in their best clothing and jewelry and were interred with weapons, tools, and household goods. Less common, but significant nonetheless, are finds of precious metal objects in the form of treasure hoards, many apparently concealed for safe-keeping by owners later unable to recover their contents, although some may have been deposited as offerings to the gods.

Recently, given the increasing popularity and legality of metal-detecting, an increasing frequency of single, chance finds of metal objects and ornaments (most probably representing accidental losses) is creating a fast-expanding corpus of new material for study.

Viking coins fit well into this latter category but nonetheless form a separate category of Viking period artifacts, their design, and decoration largely independent of the developing styles characteristic of wider Viking artistic endeavor.

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

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