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Vikings took care of their unique looks and facial hair, and you need to as well. As burly as manly as the warriors were, they never wavered, looking good in front of their enemies and allies alike. Some would say looking like success may well be what you need to get most of the way there. This product is one step closer to living that Viking dream. Viking men would normally wear a woolen overtunic, linen undertunic, either tight or baggy trousers without pockets, woolen leg wrappings, and waterproof leather shoes. Vikings’ typical wartime apparel included the spangenhelm helmet and lamellar or leather armor or chain mail.


1.Tiny micro needles skin therapy design can create thousands of microscopic channels to promote blood circulation and make active ingredients better penetrate the skin for better absorption and enhanced effect.

2.Natural and mild ingredients can effectively stimulate the skin cells to accelerate beard growth or reduce hair loss conditions, non-toxic and safe, and can be widely applicable to most people without hurting your skin.

3.Flexible comb can easily untangle big or small knots from root to end for a well-manicured beard, and you can fold it when not in use to save your personal space. Hygienic and portable.

4.Ideal gift for your loved one on Fathers’ Day, Christmas, his birthday, or any other special occasion and event.


Growth Solution: 30ml

Disinfectant: 15ml

Efficacy: Activate Facial Hair, Promote Beard Growth, Maximally Serum Absorption

How To Use:

1. Disinfect Microneedles with Disinfectant Spray

Disinfection spraying distance is 10-15 meters from the microneedle roller.

Spray 2-3 times, and dry for 20 seconds.

2. Microneedle Roller

Gently roll back and forth about 10 times on the area where the activator needs to be applied.

3. Activator

Apply beard growth essence and massage until fully absorbed

4. Beard Comb

Massage and comb, re-promote epidermal activating blood and the absorption of hair follicles, and shape the beard.

Package Included:

1* Beard Growth Serum

1* Beard Disinfectant

1* Beard Growth Roller

1* Comb

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