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Forged in Valhalla


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The STYRKI or Tough nature surrounds the Stainless steel compass that Vikings look to in dire straits with this Gold tone color.

Chain is 60cm

The main power of Vegvísir was the power of protection and guidance on the going. The most famous lines of the symbol were that “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.”. They believed as long as one carried the symbol of Vegvísir with themselves, they would never lose their directions. Because Vegvísir would guide them back home anyway. In the ancient time, people would apply the symbol of Vegvísir in their eyebrows and often in blood. Somehow, it was like the third eye and its users just put the Viking Compass in the presumably highest positions to enhance the chance of guiding successfully.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

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