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  • Odin's Raven With the Runic Alphabet - Forged in Valhalla
  • Odin's Raven With the Runic Alphabet - Forged in Valhalla
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Forged in Valhalla

Odin's Raven With the Runic Alphabet

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A Hoodie with Odins so-called "eyes" sees everything with his ravens.

A black Hoodie is always an essential part of aesthetic outfits. This black Hoodie has long sleeves and a v-neck cut. It is designed especially for Rock-culture lovers. It is decorated with white eagles and a Celtic rune ornament. The Valknut symbol in the center of your T-shirt shows the strength and power of a real Viking nowadays. You may combine it with different jackets or shirts. Buy it now and be a real man.


In Norse mythology, ravens were known as Odin’s eternal companions that he created to assist his wolves with their hunt. The first two ravens were named Hugin and Munin, memory and thought, were eyes and ears during Odin’s travels across the world. Amongst his many names Odin was also known as the raven lord and these birds of prey were highly regarded in Nordic society, often depicted on charms and drawings as a sign of wisdom and foresight.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Please notice the size information before purchasing. Go a size up if you're in between sizes. Sizes: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL.
  • Material: Premium 100% polyester. Very soft and comfortable.
  • Vintage Viking Odin Warrior Knot Print Pattern Design. Features funny high definition design print with drawstring hood, front zip, meticulous stitches, rib cuffs and hem enhance durability.
  • A great choice pair with skinny jeans/classic jeans/pants/leggings/sports shoes for a stylish look. Suitable for Spring/Autumn And Winter Wear. The best funny gift ideas for Father's Day/Birthdays/Valentine's Day/Christmas/St. Patrick's Day/Mother's
  • Applicable Scenarios suitable for daily wear/hanging out/traveling/home decoration/party/gym fitness/club/dates/school/sports etc.

Material: Polyester

Material: Spandex
Plus size: XS-7XL

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